A Covid-19 Policy reminder this winter 

A Covid-19 Policy reminder this winter 

As we head into the winter season and the UK sees an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, we wanted to take the time to remind you of our Covid-19 policies and assure you of the safety of your loved ones that we care for.  

At Birchwood Care Services, we’re doing everything we can to minimise the risk of infection and keep our clients and staff safe and well. As we receive guidance from Public Health England, aimed specifically at Covid-19 infection prevention, we implement the procedures immediately. 

We’re pleased to confirm that our staff have been fully vaccinated. We have strong supplies of PPE, having worked closely with the NHS supply chain.  All our carers carry masks, gloves, aprons, hand sanitiser and visors. Each carer also has a stock of soap and paper towels to administer themselves after every visit, away from each client’s home environment. 

In the event of positive Covid-19 cases among our staff, we have a robust contingency plan, and all staff immediately isolate for up to 14 days and will need to show a negative test before coming back to work. Many of our back-office staff are also fully qualified carers, so have been able to help during emergencies ensuring we keep staffing in-house and avoid using external agency staff as much as possible. 

We look forward to welcoming more clients when they need support the most. At Birchwood Care Services, we’re determined to do everything we can to give our clients a personalised approach where we put loving care at the heart of everything we do.  

If you have any questions about how we’re dealing with Covid-19 we’re always happy to provide more details or you can read our Covid-19 FAQs.  Another great way to stay up to date with all things Birchwood Care is to sign up to our newsletter where we share lots of information and updates.  

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