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How to get home help for the elderly?

The process of arranging home care for a loved one can seem complicated and daunting at times. Don’t panic, we are here to help guide you through the process. This process that we have set up allows us to create personalised plans and provide home care for the elderly living in their own home – which in turn allows them to be independent and to live in an environment that is familiar to them.

We understand that everyone has different needs, which is why we tailor our packages to provide personalised support for each client. Some clients only need help with things such as cleaning and shopping while others need more complex care. Visit our services page to learn more about the different types of services we offer.

Follow this process to get home help for the elderly:


Phone call to enquire about a no-obligation assessment

These calls are free of charge and the objective is to acquire general information about who is applying as well as the general medical history of the person needing care. Once we have a better understanding of the client, we will then liaise with them to confirm a convenient assessment date.


The no-obligation assessment

On the set date, the designated senior carer will meet with the point of contact and the person requiring home care. We can meet either at the home or in the hospital, whichever is more convenient for the client. During the assessment we discuss the patient’s capabilities as well as their care requirements. We will also perform a risk assessment to ensure the home is safe for our staff and to make recommendations on how to make the house safer for everyone.


Creating a care and support plan

After the assessment, we put together a personalised care plan and we share our recommendations from the risk assessment. The client will review the plan and can request adjustments as needed.


Review of the care plan and signing the contract

Once the plan has been reviewed and everyone is happy with the offering, we get the papers signed. We understand that circumstances change which means the client will have access to the care plan, and we can revise it at any time.


Choosing a starting date

We then choose a suitable starting date that suits the client and we prepare. If it’s an urgent matter, a carer can be there within 48 hours!

It’s quite a simple process

We make sure that our care team is there to guide you along the way to make this process as painless as possible for you.

If you or your loved one would like to receive care and support all while maintaining a certain independence, call our care team or fill out the following form so we can create the best plan to suit your needs.

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