A Winter Warming Toolkit for the Elderly

A Winter Warming Toolkit for the Elderly

Winter is a wonderful time of year filled with festive celebrations and time with family. But it’s also very cold! It’s important that those people older in age stay well during the chilly season and so today we’re sharing a list of things that can be done to ensure you’re warm and well this winter.  

Stock up on cold and flu supplies – and make sure you’ve had your flu vaccination!  

No one wants to start feeling poorly only to find that they’ve run out of cold and sore throat medicine and remedies. Make sure you stock up as we head into cold and flu season. And check with your doctor to make sure any medication you plan to take is safe for you to use.  

Consider keeping anything you might need, such as lozenges and tissues, in an easy to access designated box or cupboard. And if you need support with picking or collecting what you might need, you can ask family members, friends, carers etc.  

As for getting your flu vaccination – The NHS website recommends that everyone get a free flu jab on a yearly basis. Ideally, you’ll have already had your vaccination in the Autumn, but if you missed it, don’t worry. You can still make arrangements to get it during the winter.  

Eat plenty of hearty warming food 

Soups, stews and cups of tea are all great when it comes to keeping you warm in the winter. They’re also fantastic options as they can be made in bulk and reheated (the soups and stews of course). You can ask for help stocking up and cooking can even become an activity you enjoy with your friends, family or carer. The Birchwood House website has a great recipe for winter soup if you’re looking for inspiration. Veggie soups are also often extra nutritious which is wonderful for improving your health overall.  

Make sure your space is being kept at a suitable temperature 

The ideal temperature for a room is generally between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius. As we age, the body retains less heat and so it’s extra important to monitor the temperature of your space during the winter.  Medication can also impact how your body retains heat.  

We understand heating costs are particularly high this year and that this may be a concern. The government offers financial support for heating costs in some cases and so it’s definitely worth exploring what options may be available to you.  

Remember, you’re more than welcome to get in touch with the Birchwood Care Services team if you’re looking for more advice and support for yourself or an elderly loved one this winter. We hope you all stay safe, warm and well and have a very Merry Christmas!  

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