How we are dealing with Covid-19

At Birchwood, we’re doing everything we can to minimise the risk of infection and keep our clients and staff safe and well. As we receive guidance from Public Health England, aimed specifically at COVID-19 infection prevention, we implement the procedures immediately.

Fully vaccinated

We’re pleased to confirm that our staff have been fully vaccinated.

Daily staff testing

We have a regular, safe procedure when it comes to testing our staff. Ahead of each working day, a staff member completes a lateral flow test in the morning. Only when this is confirmed as negative can they carry out their duties as a carer.

Regular guidance for staff

We hold regular Zoom meetings for team meetings and keep in constant contact by phone every day to ensure staff are supported. We can help them with any specific need, ensuring the care service we provide is always the best.

High stock levels of personal protective equipment

We have strong supplies of PPE, having worked closely with the NHS supply chain.  All our mobile carers carry masks, gloves, aprons, hand sanitiser and visors. Each carer also has a stock of soap and paper towels to administer themselves after every visit, away from each client’s home environment.

Birchwood Smiles

At Birchwood, we’re determined to do everything we can to give our clients a personalised approach where we put loving care at the heart of everything we do.  Our recently launched Birchwood Promise acts as a constant reminder of what caring at Birchwood means.

Last autumn we launched Birchwood Smiles as featured in the press. A simple and effective initiative that our staff take part in across the care home and our home care business. Aptly named Birchwood Smiles, our team members wear a lanyard around their neck, with a large picture of their smiling face on it. This helps them engage with residents and clients, even when wearing full PPE.

So much of caring is about making a human connection and we want to remind our clients that there’s always a smiling face not far away.  Find out more about Birchwood Smiles.

Staying in touch with all our clients, past and present

We’ve seen several clients suspend their support from Birchwood for a variety of reasons. Whilst we recognise existing families may take on their care we always stay in touch with them, regularly calling for a chat and checking they are well and in good spirits. Just talking to someone on the end of the phone can be important for so many people and we are always here to talk.

We are positive about the future as we feel proud of how we’ve managed a difficult and evolving situation. We look forward to welcoming more clients when they need support the most. If you have any questions about how we’re dealing with Coronavirus we’re always happy to provide more details or you can read our Covid-19 FAQs below.

Staying connected

Recently we’ve introduced a new look e-newsletter as we understand how important it is for loved ones to feel more in touch with our carers.  Plus you can always see what we’ve been up to on social media too.


Have you had any instances of COVID-19 amongst staff?

Yes, we have had staff confirm positive or contacted via track and trace. We have a robust contingency plan and all staff immediately isolate for up to 14 days and will need to show a negative test before coming back to work.

What is the progress on vaccination?

All our staff have been fully vaccinated. The majority of our clients have also been vaccinated but these are arranged independently by our clients’ families and are outside of our jurisdiction. 

What are your plans to maintain staffing levels during an outbreak?

We have robust contingency plans in place and have always been able to provide provision to our clients even at the height of the pandemic.  Many of our back-office staff are also fully qualified carers, so have been able to help during emergencies ensuring we keep staffing in-house and avoid using external agency staff as much as possible.

What are the procedures if my relative contracts COVID-19?

We follow strict health and safety procedures.  We have a duty of care to ensure we look after our clients so will do everything in our power to continue with our provision. All staff members wear full PPE and have been vaccinated.

Are your staff wearing masks and other PPE?

Yes, as per the Public Health Guidelines.

If you have any questions about how we’re dealing with Covid-19 or Coronavirus we’re always happy to provide more details from our friendly team. Simply complete our online enquiry form, call us on 01892 863710 or send us an email at

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