Autumn Activities for the Elderly

Autumn Activities for the Elderly

We love autumn at Birchwood Care Services but we know that for many, the weather change can mean their mood takes a bit of a turn. As the autumn season approaches, a good way to help counter the mood dampeners of darker nights and shorter days can be to embrace the cosiness and beauty autumn has to offer. Autumn doesn’t have to be a solemn or lonely time, but rather a time to slow down, curl up in your home, spend time with friends and family and engage in an activity that makes you happy.  

Our carers are there to support our clients throughout the year and bring light, help and fun no matter the weather. In the spirit of embracing the season, here are some autumnal themed activities to consider in the coming months: 

Autumn Crafts  

We wrote a whole blog post on the benefits of artistic pursuits for the elderly earlier this year. Arts and crafts are a wonderful opportunity for self-expression and confidence boosting. Not to mention the physical benefits of improved dexterity in arms, fingers, and hands. 

There are ample autumn themed craft activities that you or your loved one could enjoy. From autumn colouring pages to knitted blankets and candle making kits, there’s something for everyone. You can choose crafts based on the capabilities of each individual which will help ensure they enjoy creating something new and feel proud of the result of their efforts. 

Jigsaw Puzzles 

Jigsaw puzzles are another great activity to enjoy in the colder months. Snuggling up with a blanket, hot drink and a jigsaw can be a lovely way to pass some time. Jigsaws also have some fantastic benefits for the elderly including enhancing social, problem-solving, and collaborative skills. Puzzles are also known to release dopamine to the brain which is the chemical responsible for happiness in humans. Doing a puzzle is a great mood booster! 

Mindful Walking 

If you’re able to get out and about (perhaps with loved ones or with one of our fantastic carers), autumn is a beautiful time to be in nature. Mindful walking has been known to improve digestion, reduce anxiety, ease symptoms of depression, improve sleep quality and so much more.  

The crisp mornings, bright blue skies and colour changing leaves – there’s so much beauty to absorb during walks in autumn. A nice slow stroll around your neighbourhood could be the perfect outing and even if it’s a short walk, the benefits of doing so mindfully are incredible.  


Another activity that could be great to do with the help of loved ones or carers is autumn baking. Baking is a great stress reducer and can also help the elderly to maintain a sense of independence. The way baking stimulates the senses can bring back lovely memories – perhaps you could even bake a treat from childhood. There are some lovely seasonal recipes to draw on: pumpkin pie, muffins, apple crumble. Does the thought make your mouth water?! Our sister company, Birchwood House, hosts recipes from its chef, designed for its residents with step-by-step instructions. Have a look to see if anything inspires your tastebuds. 

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