Why hire an at-home carer? 

Why hire an at-home carer? 

We love our families dearly and in an ideal world we’d all be able to take care of our elderly relatives ourselves. Unfortunately, this just isn’t always possible. Hiring an at-home carer can be a wonderful way to ensure the independence and safety of your elderly loved ones and give you peace of mind that they are well looked after.  

You may be wondering about the benefits of at-home care over something like a care home. Both are incredibly valuable forms of care, but at-home care could be better suited to your loved one. Here are some things to consider: 

It may be more financially viable 

If your elderly loved one is safe by themselves at certain periods of time during the day, then at-home care may be a more financially viable option for you. At-home care can be cheaper than a nursing home, but this depends on the level of care required. 

Maintain a higher level of privacy and independence 

At-home care means that your loved ones can remain as independent as they are able to be. For example, they may enjoy cooking for themselves and would be able to continue to do that in a way that they may not should they move into a residential home (although there are also opportunities to do this in some care homes). They maintain their own space and set their own rules – for example, they can go out when they want to visit friends and relatives, if they are able to. 

A greater level of flexibility 

At-home care allows you to tailor how much help your loved one receives as their needs change. The hours of care can be adjusted, and amendments can be made according to their own preferences and requirements. Perhaps your relative needs domestic support, for example. At-home carers can assist with this. 

A greater sense of familiarity 

Those with dementia can potentially see greater benefits from receiving care at home. Being around their own belongings and in a space filled with unique memories can be incredibly helpful to them.  

Staying at home may also mean staying nearer to family, friends and pets which can be invaluable to your elderly relatives. It also often allows a more personal, one-on-one relationship with the caregiver. This greater sense of familiarity can be incredibly comforting for those who are opening themselves to care for the first time.  

Whatever your loved one’s situation, it is important to consider your options and ensure the best possible outcome for your elderly relatives. If you found this article helpful, you may be interested in assessing your full options – we also cover how to find a care home for a loved one

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