Meet Wendy – Manager

Meet Wendy – Manager

Manager, Wendy, discusses her industry experience and why she loves working in the care sector.

I’ve worked in the industry for 25 years and have been at Birchwood for over 10 years. Since 1994 I was looking for a company where I felt the values important to me personally, would be reflected in the company ethos.  It was key to me that this was an independently-owned business.  I believe if you own something directly, then you will nurture and look after it, it isn’t just a job.

My first impression was what a lovely friendly family feeling the place had.  It is a family-owned company, and after meeting the owner of Birchwood Care Services, it was evident straight away that we shared some of the same values.  I knew I would enjoy working here.  I was excited to be part of the vision to grow the company retaining the personable feel which drew me here in the first place but to never lose sight of what we wanted to deliver.  This was and still is a compassionate quality service maintaining the independence of each and every one of our clients, whilst valuing our staff.

My role is to be responsible for and to everyone, who works in or uses our services.  This is across recruiting supporting and mentoring staff, HR, finance, quality assurance, marketing, meeting regulatory recruitments and everything and anything in between.

The most interesting thing about my role, and about the work I do is every day is a different day, and that is because we work with people for people. I can have a day where I will have planned to do XYZ, and for whatever reason, it takes a completely different route. I like the variety, having to sometimes think on my feet.  I love the interaction I have daily with my team and my clients.

The main difference I’ve found working for Birchwood compared to other care providers I’ve managed, is you feel part of something special, not just an employee.

I know all my staff by name because I see them all regularly.  And I know all the clients and their families because I’ve either met them or spoken to them.

Because we are not part of a large organisation with multiple departments, we work as a team.

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