Five reasons to consider a career in care

Five reasons to consider a career in care

If you’re hardworking, warm and caring, you’d likely be a fantastic carer. A career in care is incredibly rewarding for a number of reasons and today we want to explore some of those reasons with you. Here are our top five reasons you should consider a career in care: 

See the difference you make every day

Being a carer means getting to see the difference you make in people’s lives every single day. In a career in care, the impact you have on the wonderful people you care for is always visible and you can see the valuable role you play in your clients’ lives.  Whether it’s enabling someone to do something they couldn’t do without a bit of support, or simply seeing the big smile on their face when you walk through the door, with a career in care you can be sure you’re doing something truly special to enhance the lives of others.  

Lots of learning and career development opportunities 

There are lots of training and learning opportunities in care. A care certificate gives you the training you need to become a carer. After completing your training you can continue to move up the social care ladder and explore other qualifications and courses. There’s plenty of room for personal development depending on where your career as a carer takes you. Here at Birchwood Care, many of our carers undertook a ‘Working with Mental Health Needs’ qualification. You can read about Clare Carver and her fantastic pass here on the blog!  

Flexible working hours 

A carer in care can be especially suited to those looking for work hours that fit around other commitments and hobbies. While you are of course required to provide care for your client for the length and time of your assigned job, you are also able to choose the amount of time you work for and how much you have off in between jobs.  

No two days are ever the same 

It’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be bored as a carer. One of the most exciting aspects of the job is that no two days are the same as it’s an incredibly varied role. Being a carer means you will constantly be introduced to new people, new environments and new challenges. No two clients will ever be the same and you’ll learn lots from each and every one of them.  

Make incredible connections 

Whether it be with the clients you care for or your fellow carers, you will always be making powerful and meaningful connections with others as a carer. The nature of the job means carers are kind, considerate and warm people. You’ll be part of a wonderful team and you’ll be given the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and clients alike. Think of all of the wonderful life lessons they’ve learnt and the stories they have to share. We’re incredibly proud of our team here at Birchwood Care Services. Learn about each member of the team here on the website.  

So there you have it, five reasons to consider a career in care. Think a career in care might be for you? You can learn more about how to get started as a carer in our blog post here.  

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