How to start a career in home care

How to start a career in home care

We have absolutely fantastic staff here at Birchwood Care Services. Our staff develop a close relationship with our clients and find their jobs extremely satisfying and rewarding. If you are looking at a career in home care but don’t know where to start then hopefully this article gives some more insight!

Required traits

We look for the following key traits in our staff, which we feel are essential in becoming a great carer:

  • Attitude – A positive, caring and cheerful attitude is critical when it comes to a career in home care. Our staff work so closely with our clients and forming a close bond with them is so key to offering great care that a positive and friendly attitude is essential. Cheerfulness can also lead to happiness in the elderly which is really important as we discussed previously.
  • Patience – Many of our clients are at a difficult and stressful time of their lives so having patience with them is key, and giving time to a client personally can make an enormous difference to them.
  • Empathy – This is often seen as a vital trait in taking care of others as the more comfortable our clients feel with our staff the better. Empathy is therefore a key trait we look for in our carers.
  • Respect – Home care staff are dealing with clients often at a very difficult time of their life. They may have just lost a partner, or be dealing with physical and mental frailties they haven’t experienced before. Showing clients both dignity and respect is a vital trait in a great carer.

If you feel like you have all these personality traits then a career in home care may very well be for you. You don’t need a qualification to apply for a job with us, but we will offer to support you with extensive training when you join.


There are many fantastic benefits to working in home care which include:

  • Flexibility in hours – Our staff are able to work flexible hours in and around their family life.
  • Training – At Birchwood Care Services we are passionate about developing our staff and will invest in their on-going training, which is enormously beneficial to their career progression.
  • Job Satisfaction – A career in home care is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling job. Not only will you make a real difference to the clients you work with, but their families will be incredibly grateful to you too.

If you are interested in a career in home care, the first step is usually to speak to someone like us. We will talk you through in more detail, answer any questions you may have – feel free to give our team a call on 01892 863 710 and we will be happy to advise!

We are always looking for new team members who want a rewarding and fulfilling career with great training and career progression opportunities. You can see current vacancies on the careers page of our website.  

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