Live independently at home for longer

How To Live Independently At Home For Longer

Minimise the risk of falls

We have spoken before about top tips for fall proofing your home and this really can have a significant impact as falls will often be a key contributor to needing more round the clock care as they can have serious implications for the elderly depending on the severity. Falls are also a major cause for hospital admissions for older people.

Have a personal alarm

Personal alarms are important for keeping the elderly in contact with the outside world so should anything happen whilst they are in their own homes, they’re able to quickly communicate with someone to get help. The time saved by someone coming quickly could be the difference between injury and serious injury, or in the context of this article, the difference between a short period of recovery, perhaps some respite care and then back to living independently, and needing round the clock care.

Regular visits and good family members/neighbours

Loneliness in old age can be very difficult for those living alone, and often prevent someone from happily living independently in their own home. Regular visits from our team of carers can certainly help with this, but usually a wider network of support is important to keeping someone elderly living at home for longer.

Living nearby to family can often help with this, and family members who drop in every day or a couple of times a week can help enormously, but having friendly neighbours can have a similar impact.

Think about access (e.g. a stairlift)

When it comes to living independently, not much will necessitate a move to more round the clock care than not being able to get round the house by yourself. That’s why access is so important – this could mean the installation of a stairlift or perhaps moving to a bungalow or accommodation where going up stairs is not a necessity. However you choose to improve access, this is essential in helping someone stay living independently at home for longer.

If you need any further information about setting up a loved ones home to keep them living independently there for longer then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01892 863 710 and our friendly team would be more than happy to advise.

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