Sharing the Valentine’s love this February

Positivity board

Sharing the Valentine’s love this February

Celebrating our staff

This month, Birchwood Care Services is sharing the Valentine’s love with a blog celebrating our wonderful staff. 

Firstly, we’d love to welcome our new team member, Josie Wylie. Josie has joined us from the north of England. She is a live-in nanny and works for us while the children she looks after are in school. Josie has made a great first impression with all our clients and we’re so thrilled to have her on our team. 

We’re also delighted to welcome new supervisors Julia Whearty and Chantelle Williams. Julia has been with us since June last year and has been a mentor to new staff over the last few weeks. She’s taken to her new role incredibly well and was actually put forward for the position by other staff members.

Chantelle, a previous Carer of the Month, has demonstrated she has all of the valuable skills needed for the position. She’s doing a fantastic job and we’re incredibly grateful for her hard work. 

Our February Carer of the Month

Meanwhile, our brilliant Carer of the Month is Lia Etheridge. She’s a fantastic team member and it has been a pleasure seeing her come out of her shell. Her confidence has really grown. As well as doing a fantastic job as a valued member of our team, Lia is a talented artist and balances her carer role with her studies.

Our February Clients of the Month

Our two fantastic Clients of the Month are Mr Reeves and Elizabeth Staines. Sending lots of warm wishes their way!

We’d also like to offer a special mention to Karen Rodney Wood. Karen completed her NJ tube training – an important skill – and was the first carer on what could have been a very complex call. She managed brilliantly. Karen is also known for being the best cook on the team – her carbonara is superb!

Our positivity board

Lastly, we’re spreading the love and positivity through our positivity board. Here at Birchwood, we employ genuinely caring and experienced, qualified staff, who go the extra mile and treat clients with kindness and respect.

We’ve all experienced challenges over the past two years and so the team wanted to shine a light on some positivity, and to focus on things they are each grateful for.

Here is a picture of our most recent project in Birchwood Care Services: the positivity board. We’re filling this with reasons to be cheerful and positive throughout the year.

Here’s more about spreading positivity amongst older people and tips from Age UK on keeping your spirits up at this time of year.

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