Your questions answered about a care assessment

Your questions answered about a care assessment

We understand a lot of different terms are used within the industry when it comes to home assessments and what is involved at each stage. We’ve provided some frequently asked questions to guide you through the initial stages involved in finding a home care provider.  The care assessment is an important step and it can helpful for you to know what to expect.

What is a care assessment?

A care, or sometimes referred to as support, assessment is where a professional care organisation arranges to visit someone to discuss their care and support needs in the comfort of their own home.

When is the right time to have an assessment?

There is never a right or wrong time to arrange an assessment but generally, it’s requested when circumstances have changed in some way. This could be a health condition aftercare following an operation, or there has been a change in a person’s normal support networks meaning they need extra care or support.

If we want to go ahead how soon can a package be put in place?

When we receive that initial request, we will arrange a convenient time to visit.   If the person is looking for an urgent assessment, we can visit usually within 24 hours, and if required start a care or support package within 48 hours.  Some clients want to take time to discuss this with family before going forward, and this is why our assessments are free with no obligation.

Am I able to have family with me in the assessment and how long does it take?

We encourage whoever has requested the assessment to have a member of the family or a close friend with them for reassurance. The assessment will last about 2 hours, which may seem a long time, but it’s important that we obtain as much information and the right details about the person as possible.  This will enable us to put the best package in place to meet their needs and preferences.

What will I be asked in the assessment?

The information we typically ask for during an assessment is about general health, what medications are taken, GP details and any support networks. We would then find out what care and support the person requires and what is important to them.  Small details can make a big difference because we are all individuals and a care or support package is never the same for everyone.

Can someone visit me face to face at the moment?

With the current restrictions in place due to the pandemic, all staff will be wearing full PPE.  This will include the initial visit from a senior member of staff carrying out the assessment and going forward all staff that come into your home whether it be a Carer or a Domestic Support worker.

What happens if I need to amend or adapt my package when it has started?

We review care or support packages every six months, and before if required so you can be assured that needs are met and working well.

Will I have the same Care/Support worker?

Continuity is really important to us because that’s how clients and staff build that all-important rapport, so we try and keep the same staff going into the same clients.

If you’re thinking of arranging care for a loved one or friend, please complete our online enquiry form, call us on 01892 863710 or email us at

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