What care options are available?

What care options are available?

Families going through the emotional stress of placing a spouse or relative into care often tell us they find the terminology confusing. We hope that this blog can help you with that. We’ll be explaining the different types of care available and hopefully giving you a better understanding of your options.

We’re so incredibly lucky to be living in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. There are so many options available, from assisted living to residential and respite care.

Assisted living

This option allows you to remain fully independent. You usually have your own self-contained, secure flat which allows you to stay active and go out as and when you want to. However, you can enjoy the added benefit of carers available to provide support when you need it.

Home care

This option works by supporting individuals in their own homes with whatever they need. It could be something as simple as helping with domestic chores, such as preparing and cooking meals, personal care, dressing and medication management, or making sure that pets are fed. Each person is different and will require a different level of care suitable for their needs.

Live-in care

When someone wants to remain in their own home but realises that they need support around the clock, care providers are available to stay in their home and support at all times.

Residential care

This involves moving full time into a residential care home where safe and secure accommodation and care is provided to those who can’t manage to live independently. A home provides a stable, warm and friendly environment where residents receive around the clock care and feel part of a bigger family with others.

Nursing care

This is similar to residential care, but with supervision by a registered nurse, who is available 24/7 to provide and administer medical treatment.

Respite care

This option allows you to receive short term support in your own home or a short stay in a residential home. It’s especially useful for existing carers, such as family members. They can take a break for a while safe in the knowledge their loved one continues to receive the support they need.

Additional resources and help

You or a loved one’s general health or a current care situation may change quickly. There’s always professional, friendly support on hand to help you.   Which provides a useful glossary of terms and has a useful online calculator to help you understand potential costs.

As one of the leading care homes and at-home care providers in Kent, Birchwood provides a team of highly skilled people to provide care both in our residential home in Speldhurst and for those in their own homes through our Care Services team in and around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. They are genuinely caring people who go the extra mile, day in, day out. With the guidance of the Birchwood Promise, the team look after our clients in the same way they would like to be looked after.

If you’re thinking of arranging care for a loved one or friend, please complete our online enquiry form, call us on 01892 863710 or email us at careservices@birchwoodhouse.org.uk.

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