The skills and attributes you need to be a good carer

The skills and attributes you need to be a good carer

Whether you’re looking for a good care provider or thinking of starting a career in care, it’s important to remember caring is all about people. As everyday humans, a carer needs to have a number of skills and attributes over and above those that can be learnt through training. Yes, it’s important to have good and regulatory qualifications along with some experience, but being a people person and having a good personality is just, if not, even more important. Multi-tasking, thinking on their feet, being punctual, reliable and willing to learn are all required skills, but we believe good carers need to have these essential human characteristics to deliver the best care.

Empathy and Kindness

Being able to connect with other people, helping them navigate their way through some often confusing and difficult challenges. By putting themselves in the shoes of the person they are caring for is a great skill. This allows them to make the right decisions with the right form and tone of communication at the right time. Displaying kindness whilst maintaining the dignity of the person are highly important.


As a person becomes frail or limited in what they can do physically and mentally, it can be frustrating for them to lose this independence. Showing respect and being able to understand how they feel are signs of a good carer being able to recognise this.


Caring for a person can be challenging at times. Lapses of memory, health conditions or frailty that restrict independence can be very frustrating for anyone. A good carer must have the patience to handle each situation that arises calmly and sensitively.

Going the extra mile

Caring is so much more than just providing support at certain times of the day. Assisted living and those people in their own homes and maintaining an independent lifestyle, it’s vital to be there for them when they need you most. And it could be something over and above the standard physical and mental support. They may need help with daily household chores or help to sort out some administration like paying a domestic bill or online banking. They must always remember to respect the person’s property and their privacy along the way.


Since many people suffer with depression, a good carer should have a sunny, soothing disposition and be able to cheer up any patient, even if they are struggling to be co-operative and communicate easily. As you may be the only other person in their daily lives, being a cheerful person every time you visit can be the moment they look forward to every day.

As one of the leading care homes and at home care providers in Kent, Birchwood provides a team of highly skilled people to provide care both in our residential home in Speldhurst and for those in their own homes in and around Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. They are genuinely caring with great people skills and go the extra mile, day in, day out. With the guidance of the Birchwood Promise, the team look after our clients in the same way we would like to be looked after.

If you’re thinking about starting a career in caring or arranging care for a loved one or friend, please complete our online enquiry form, call us on 01892 863710 or email us at

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