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Care worker

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Persons employed by this agency known as “Home Carers”, will, at all times, carry out their duties in accordance with the policies laid down by management, which are included in the Employee Handbook. It is the responsibility of the staff member to ensure that they read and fully understand these responsibilities before taking up the appointment.  The purpose of this role is to support our clients with all aspects of day-to-day living, ensuring they have the best possible quality of life.  Our care staff should provide care in a caring and compassionate way.

The responsibilities of the carer are:

  • To carry out care and other tasks as specified in the Service User’s individual service/care plan, to a high standard in accordance with Agency policies and to ensure that care is person centred and responsive to our service user’s individual abilities, preferences, lifestyle and goals.
  • Under guidance from management and health care professionals, take actions to enable the Service User to carry out as much self-care and other activities as possible.     
  • To contribute to accurate and detailed record keeping whilst maintaining the Service Users privacy in accordance with the policy of confidentiality.
  • Where appropriate, under the guidance of the management, liaise with Service User’s relatives, G.P and other health professionals contributing to care, in order to promote good communication and quality of service.
  • To take part in training as required by the management to improve personal skills and knowledge.
  • To contribute by carrying out planned actions, to the maintenance of the Service User’s individuality, dignity and freedom of choice.
  • To be aware of changes in the Service Users general, emotional and mental health, and to take appropriate steps as laid down to ensure the Service Users well being.
  • To contribute to updating of Service User’s individual service/care plan and to take part in any reassessment of Service User’s care needs.
  • Where required, to take responsibility for the Service User’s financial affairs, i.e. shopping benefits.  To ensure that full and accurate records of transactions are kept for inspection and that adequate security for Service User’s monies and valuables is maintained.
  • To be aware of Service User’s spiritual needs and by liaison with the Service User, their relatives, friends and advisors, try to ensure that these needs are met to the Service User’s satisfaction.
  • To be aware of the Service Users need to develop and / or maintain social activities and individual social networks.  By liaison with the Service User, their relatives, friends, professionals and other organisations, try to ensure that the Service User is enabled to fulfil these needs to their satisfaction so they can enjoy the best quality of life.
  • To support service users unable to speak out or to raise concerns yourself-Where care is inadequate or the rights of service users are not being upheld.

The job description is a general description of the duties of a carer, other duties within the carers capabilities may be required in order to meet individual Service User needs. If any part of this Job Description needs further explanation contact the Manager immediately.



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